2017-2018 Administration and Faculty

The International School Eastern Seaboard (ISE) is pleased to provide faculty and staff biographies. We are very proud of our experienced professionals.




Hometown: San Diego, California, USA
E-mail: abennett@ise.ac.th

Hello ISE! I want to thank you for the honor to work as your new Superintendent at International School Eastern Seaboard. I am originally from the Seattle, Washington area. I have a large family with four brothers and a sister. I have attended Washington State University, Michigan State University, Western Washington University, and National University. My overseas experience over the past 32 years has taken me to Taiwan, the Philippines, Paraguay, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia and Myanmar. My family and I enjoyed each country, and as a father I am blessed in that living abroad allowed my children to experience a wide variety of cultures, languages, and traditions. I have three children; two sons who are living in California, and a daughter who is living in                                            Florida. Depending on their work schedules or school responsibilities, I hope to bring                                            them out soon, to not only show off the school, but also to have them meet and interact                                            with the interesting people and fascinating culture that Thailand has to offer.

Secondary Faculty

(listed alphabetically)


Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
E-mail: kapplegate@ise.ac.th

Dr. Applegate grew up in Central Iowa in the US, and received her Bachelors, Master’s and PhD from Iowa State University. She began her career in education as an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Art Education program at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia. She has taught art at the elementary, middle and secondary levels and has served as IB Coordinator in Phoenix Arizona and Saudi Arabia. Kristen and her husband Todd have two children; Olivia who lives in Portland, Oregon and Mia, who is a student at ISE. In her free time Kristen enjoys scuba diving, tackling home improvement projects and traveling.



Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
E-mail; tapplegate@ise.ac.th

Mr. Applegate spends his summers in Bellingham, Washington in the US. He graduated from Columbus State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Arizona State University with a Master’s of Education Principalship. He has earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 3rd Degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. His wife, Kristen and daughter, Mia came to Thailand after 3 years in Saudi Arabia. Todd spends his free time drawing, painting, scuba diving, exploring the wild, coaching and playing football, training in martial arts and playing guitar. Is a Masters of Education in Administration and Supervision, Principalship.


3-Harout-BoyajianHarout Boyajian, Music and Band

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona, USA
E-mail: hboyajian@ise.ac.th

Mr. Harout Boyajian is from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He received both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Music Education (instrumental emphasis) from Arizona State University. Prior to his appointment at ISE, he worked at Chandler High School, Arizona’s largest International Baccalaureate high school, as well as elementary and junior high band programs. Bands under his direction have received Superior and Superior with Distinction ratings at music competitions/festivals and high marks at district assessments. He also enjoys utilizing music technology and engaging students in the composition process. As a saxophone performer he has played in such groups as the Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Joseph Wytko Saxophone Quartet, and the Phoenix                                            Symphony.



4-Chris-FrankChristopher Frank, Science

Hometown: Spokane, Washington, USA
E-mail: cfrank@ise.ac.th

Chris Frank is from Spokane, Washington, USA. He graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Biology and received his Master’s in Education from the University of Alaska. He spent 15 years as a carpenter before teaching. Chris has been teaching for 5 years. He enjoys being outdoors, sports, carpentry projects, stained glass, and family time. His wife, Monica, is also teaching at ISE.




6-Monica-Frank Monica Frank, English/EAL

Hometown: Spokane, Washington, USA
E-mail: mfrank@ise.ac.th

Monica Frank is from Everett, Washington, USA. She graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Elementary Education. Monica received additional teaching credentials in special education and English as a Second Language from the University of Alaska. She has worked in Alaska and Washington and has 14 years of teaching experience. Monica’s hobbies include hockey, yoga, running, reading, traveling, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. She is married to Chris Frank and they have a 3 year old son.



7-Daniel-GriswoldDaniel Griswold, Mathematics

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
E-mail: dgriswold@ise.ac.th

Daniel Griswold was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He received a Masters of Arts in teaching from the University of Anchorage, Alaska. He taught for 5 years at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, before transitioning into the Anchorage School District, where he worked for the last ten years as a mathematics teacher. He enjoys ultimate frisbee, cycling, hiking, camping, reading science fiction, and rock climbing. His wife, Staci, is also teaching at ISE and they look forward to exploring the culture and country of Thailand.



Jason Hershberger, IB Coordinator & English

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
E-mail: jhershberger@ise.ac.th

Mr. Hershberger began his international teaching career 15 years ago in Barcelona, Spain, where he taught for 9 years, becoming the English department head and assisting in transitioning the school to the IB DP program. Here he also met his wife, Christina Szyman. They moved to Santa Cruz, Bolivia and while living there he and Christina had their son, Miles. After 3 years in Bolivia, Jason and family moved on to teach in Qingdao, China. He is excited to now join the ISE team to teach DP Language A, Language B, and 10th Grade English.




9-Eunbee-JungEunbee Jung, Korean

Hometown: Gunpi-si, Gyeongi-do, South Korea
E-mail: ebjung@ise.ac.th

Eunbee Jung is from Busan, South Korea. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Korean Language Education at Pusan National University, as well as a Secondary School Teaching Certification in Korean Language. She minored in English Language and Literature and worked as a reporter for The Hyowon Herald English Newspaper at Pusan National University.Eunbee taught Korean at middle school for four years and high school for two years in Korea. She has taught that the importance of studying Korean is to express one’s thoughts and the understanding of other’s thoughts, so she will also be focusing on teaching this at ISE. She is very happy to be joining the teaching team at ISE and hopes to have a wonderful experience at school.



010-Prareena-JunnounPrareena Junnoun, Thai

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
E-mail: pjunnoun@ise.ac.th

Khun Prareena graduated from Suan Dusit University. She has a Thai teaching degree from the Rajchapat Suandusit Institution and subsequently earned her Master’s degree in Education (Education Administration) from Suan Dusit University. Khun Prareena has many years experience in teaching Thai at various schools in Bangkok such as Rujtseriwittaya and Saint John’s International School. In 2014 she joined the ISE Thai program. In her free time she enjoys many activities including reading, cooking, eating and taking care of puppies.




11-Takashi-KakizakiTakashi Kakizaki, Japanese

Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan
E-mail: tkakizaki@ise.ac.th

Mr. Kakizaki comes from Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Japan in 2001 and Master’s of Education degree in Thailand in 2010. He has taught at the Weekend School for Japanese in Sriracha as a Japanese teacher since 2004. His hobbies are skiing, badminton, computers, acting and traveling.


12-Richard-KennedyRichard Kennedy, Science/ Mathematics

Hometown : Madison, Wisconsin, USA
E-mail: rkennedy@ise.ac.th

Richard Kennedy came to Thailand eight years ago to begin a teaching career applying a range of experiences gained from working in the high tech industry. Being an educator is about helping individuals see their world, discover their creative potential and find solutions to challenges. Science and math provide many opportunities for developing skills to evaluate situation, apply technology and develop solutions. It’s great to see learners achieve new understanding and accomplish a goal. On a personal level I enjoy running, basketball, golf and other sports. My education includes a BS Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, an MBA, Benedictine University and a Post Graduate Education, University of Nottingham. I look forward to being part of ISE and                                            growing with the learners and teaching team.



13-Jeremy-LeesJeremy Lees, English/ Humanities

Hometown: Lancashire, United Kingdom
E-mail: jlees@ise.ac.th

Mr. Lees is from Lancashire, England. He holds an international PGCE Master’s, a Cambridge University RSA diploma and an honors degree in Economics. Jeremy has worked in England, Australia, Japan and Thailand. He joined ISE in April 2006. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys most outdoor sports, particularly football, golf, swimming, hiking and cricket.


14-Nathan-MoffettNathan Moffett, Business/Social Studies

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
E-mail: nmoffett@ise.ac.th

Nathan Moffett comes from the great state of Arizona in the desert southwest. After spending 7 years in Dubai, he and his family are excited to come to Thailand. Nate received a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences from Southern Utah University and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. He loves sports and has coached basketball for most of his teaching career. Nate loves to travel and experience new places and cultures. One of his favorite perks of teaching internationally is getting to travel the world. He has also led many educational trips for students and loves the outdoors. Nate’s wife, Meridee, is the school librarian. Together they have three children, ages 8, 5 and 3, all of whom will be attending ISE.



15-John-MurrayJohn Murray, Spanish

Hometown: San Diego, California, USA
E-mail: johnm@ise.ac.th

Mr. Murray has been teaching in Thailand for the past fifteen years. John comes from San Diego, California where he graduated with honors from the University of San Diego. He holds a Bachelor of Diversified Liberal Arts (Spanish) degree and a bilingual (Spanish-English) multiple-subject teaching credential (K-6), and a Spanish language teaching credential. He enjoys free diving, surfing, foreign languages, travel, cooking, painting, and playing music.




16-Daniel-NeyensDaniel Neyens, Social Studies & English

Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
E-mail: dneyens@ise.ac.th

Mr. Neyens grew up in Seattle, Washington, but has lived and taught for the past four years in rural Alaska. He graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Master in Teaching in Secondary Education. He has taught middle and high school social sciences and loves to bring a cross-curricular approach to history. With his free-time, Daniel loves to build things, go on outdoor adventures, read great books, and practice guitar.




17-Timothy-OverackerTimothy Overacker, IT Coordinator & Operations Director

Hometown: Fremont, California, USA
E-mail: tim@ise.ac.th

Originally from Oregon, Mr. Overacker attended U.C. Berkeley, majoring in Geography. After teaching Industrial Arts, English, and vocational training in California for several years, and obtaining a Master’s degree in Education, he decided to teach overseas. He has enjoyed his tenure at ISE and has had the opportunity to teach a range of grades and subjects. He is currently working with the business office to manage the school operations, as well as teaching IB Theory of Knowledge and Information Technology in a Global Society. Tim will also be involved in the overall operations of ISE.




18-Kristy-PfennigKristy Pfennig, English/EAL

Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
E-mail: kpfennig@ise.ac.th

Ms. Pfennig grew up in Minnesota where she received her Bachelor of Science in Secondary English Education from Bemidji State University. For the last 5 years she has taught in rural Alaska where she learned to live off of the land and explore the wild side of life. This will be her first year teaching internationally and she is thrilled to join the ISE community. When she’s not inspiring young minds, she enjoys outdoor activities, reading, yoga, and traveling.




19-Derick-ReardonDerick Reardon, PE/Athletics Director

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
E-mail: dreardon@ise.ac.th

Derick is from North Carolina in the United States. He has been teaching health and physical education in elementary, middle and high school for over 7 years. Derick is also a personal trainer, outdoor enthusiast, and avid marathoner. He is excited about the outdoor adventures that the move to Thailand will bring.




20-Andrew-WernerAndrew Werner, Technology

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
E-mail: awerner@ise.ac.th

Andrew Werner received a business degree from High Point University and then gained his teaching certification to be a business, marketing and technology education teacher. He’s taught in the career and technical education field for 14 years. Andrew has taught a variety of classes, including digital communications, business marketing, sports marketing, travel and tourism. Andrew has also coached men’s and women’s golf, as well as men’s tennis. He is an avid golfer and is excited about living on a golf course! Andrew enjoys scuba diving, as well, and can’t wait to gain more experience with this in Thailand. Andrew joins the ISE staff along with his wife, Nada, and their sons, Will and Bowen.

5-Dan-VerwoertDan Verwoert, Science

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
E-mail: verwoert@ise.ac.th

Dan Verwoert was born and educated in the Great Lakes state of Michigan, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in geology in 1970. He worked professionally as an environmental scientist and registered professional geologist for 30 years in Michigan, Colorado, and California before moving to Thailand 20 years ago. He began teaching English, but quickly added math, science and technology subjects while earning a Masters in International Education in 2009. He has taught chemistry, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, general science and STEM to international high school students in Thailand and Myanmar over the previous 12 years. He is excited to join the staff at ISE, teaching IB Chemistry, science, and math.


Elementary Faculty

(listed by grade level)

21-Holly-ReardonHolly Reardon, Elementary School Principal

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
E-mail: hreardon@ise.ac.th

Holly is from North Carolina in the United States. She has been working in education and child advocacy in the USA and Asia for over 17 years. She is passionate about her work with teachers, children and families, and is happiest in the classroom where she previously taught children from age 3 to 14. Holly is joined at ISE by her husband Derick and her three children, Lee, Hensley and Ann Bowen.




22-Kadin-BrookingKadin Brooking, Grade 6

Hometown: Mukilteo, Washington, USA
E-mail: kbrooking@ise.ac.th

Mr. Brooking is super excited to be teaching grade 6 at ISE. He is from Mukilteo, WA, and graduated from Western Washington University with an Environmental Economics degree, and later a Master’s in Teaching from City University in Seattle. Mr. Brooking started his teaching career in grade 3 and 4, but for the last 10 years has taught reading, writing, social studies, and math in grades 6-8. He loves exploring and staying active with his wife and two kids, Reenie, Price and Parker. Some other passions include coaching and playing sports, enjoying music, traveling, camping, and hiking and anything outdoors.




23-Staci-GriswoldStaci Griswold, Grade 5

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
E-mail: sgriswold@ise.ac.th

Staci Griswold comes from Anchorage, Alaska and received her Bachelor of Education degree at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. She has taught elementary children throughout the state of Alaska for 10 years, as well as a year of volunteer teaching in Nepal and Uganda. Staci has recently earned her Masters in Education through the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, with a focus on language and literacy. Staci loves the outdoors, especially trekking, running, rock climbing, and practicing yoga. This is her first year teaching abroad, and she is excited to join the team at ISE along with her husband, Daniel Griswold.



Benjamin Reiber, Grade 4

Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
E-mail: breiber@ise.ac.th

Mr. Reiber is teaching fourth grade. He has seventeen years of teaching experience and is from Seattle, Washington. Ben has taught second, third, fourth and fifth grade students. He taught in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for three years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington and a Master’s of Education degree from Seattle University.





25-Christina-SzymanChristina Szyman, Grade 3

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
E-mail: cszyman@ise.ac.th

Ms. Szyman is from Naperville, Illinois, USA. She graduated from Clemson University with a BA in Elementary Education and received her MA from the University of Saint Thomas in Educational Leadership and Administration. Ms. Szyman brings 18 years of teaching experience from the United States, Spain, Bolivia and China. Her husband Jason Hershberger is joining the staff at ISE as the HS IB English teacher. In her free time she enjoys cooking, coaching, reading, traveling and spending time with her family. Her son Miles will be joining the ISE family in the 3 year old program this coming school year.




26-Carolyn-FriedrichCarolyn Friedrich, Grade 2

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
E-mail: cfriedrich@ise.ac.th

Ms. Friedrich comes from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She moved to California to attend Concordia University Irvine where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies as well as her teaching credential. She then earned her Master’s in Education while teaching in the California public schools. In 2009, Ms. Friedrich headed overseas teaching in Hong Kong and Shanghai. She is now excited to teach at ISE in Thailand. In her free time, Ms. Friedrich enjoys spending time with her husband, Rich, and her amazing dog, Cooper.





Janet McLeod, Grade 1

Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
E-mail: jmcleod@ise.ac.th

Janet McLeod was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and received her Bachelor of Education degree in Regina, Saskatchewan where she has taught for 24 years. She specialized in Reading/Reading Intervention and Outdoor Education and is certified in Special Education. Last year was her first year teaching abroad in Kuwait. Janet loves the outdoors, especially camping, and enjoys practicing yoga, running, cycling, and playing the guitar. She is excited to join the team at ISE and looks forward to a great year!





Verene “Reenie” Brooking, Kindergarten

Hometown: Mukilteo, Washington, USA
E-mail: rbrooking@ise.ac.th

Reenie Brooking is from Mukilteo, Washington. She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in K-12 Education with a Physical Education and Health focus and also holds a Masters in Teaching from Lesley University. She has taught K-5 for 6 years and ages 2-5 for 3 years and is now excited to teach Kindergarten at ISE. In her free time she loves to exercise, going on runs, doing yoga and being active with her two children. She also loves to cook, travel and spend time outdoors with her family, which includes her husband Kadin, who will be teaching grade 6 at ISE.



29-RuthAnnRuth Ann Rochanaroon, PreK-4

Hometown: Baguio, Phillippines
E-mail: rarochanaroon@ise.ac.th

Ruth Ann received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the Philippines, majoring in Child Development. She also completed a diploma in Montessori Education. As a licensed elementary teacher, she has been teaching for 14 years, largely with preschool and kindergarten. She taught Grades 1 and 2 briefly at Assumption College Sri Racha prior to joining ISE in 2007. She is married and has two sons, Elijah who attends ISE and Luke who will one day!




30-Nakita-CedolinNakita Cedolin, PreK-3

Hometown: Chester, United Kingdom
E-mail: ncedolin@ise.ac.th

Ms. Cedolin, has lived in Thailand for twenty one years. Her father is Italian and her mother English. She received a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Degree in Drama Theatre Studies, Performance and New Media from the United Kingdom. She enjoys traveling, cooking and pilates. Nakita is also a graduate of ISE and her brother just graduated last year.




31-Amy-LindleyAmy Lindley, EAL

Hometown: Austin, Texas, USA
E-mail: alindley@ise.ac.th

Mrs. Lindley is excited join ISE as an Elementary EAL teacher. Her teaching career has spanned the globe, as she and her husband, Paul, have taught both in the United States and at international schools for the past 32 years. They have taught in Texas, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Japan, China and Oman. Having enjoyed a varied teaching career, Mrs. Lindley has worked as an EAL, classroom, and learning resource teacher at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Although born in Seattle, Washington, New Mexico, ‘The Land of Enchantment’, is where Amy grew up and came to love the desert southwest. After 35 years of marriage to a native Texan, she now considers herself a transplanted Texan and is resigned to cheering for the Dallas Cowboys! Amy                                            and her husband are avid cyclists and enjoy touring on two wheels. Although they                                            cherish their time with family in the USA, they love traveling, experiencing new cultures                                            and are thrilled to be a part of the ISE community!




32-Maria-PannakanMaria Pannakan, EAL

Hometown: Horley, United Kingdom
E-mail: maria@ise.ac.th

Ms. Pannakan is originally from England, but has been living and working in Thailand for 20 years. Maria previously taught at Assumption School in Sriracha. This is her 16th year teaching elementary EAL. She has an elementary teaching certificate from the College of New Jersey and a degree in Law from the UK. She is married and has two children, Mak and Fern.





33-Kelley-PotisitKelley Potisit, EAL and MS Japanese

Hometown: Springfield, Ohio, USA
E-mail: kpotisit@ise.ac.th

Ms. Potisit is beginning her eleventh year at ISE. She has Master’s degrees in Linguistics and Education. She works in the EAL department and is part of the first and second grade team. She enjoys sports and exercising. Kelley has three children at ISE, Justin, Brina and Nathan.





034-Jimol-BuranathanJimol Buranathan, Thai

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
E-mail: jimol@ise.ac.th

Khun Jimol was born in Bangkok, Thailand. She graduated from Suan Dusit Teacher College and Ramkhamhaeng University from where she holds a Bachelor degree. Jimol taught elementary and secondary school in Bangkok for five years. She spent fifteen years working with The Consortium (World Education) teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to refugees. She has conducted workshops and training for students
at Burapha University, Udon Thani Teacher College and Chachoengsao Teacher College. Her hobbies are carving, cooking and watching TV. She joined ISE in 1997.




Watchara Lertsuwanwong, Art/ Thai for non-Thai

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
E-mail: jiml@ise.ac.th

Khun Watchara (Jim) has been working at ISE since 1995 as a teacher assistant in kindergarten and grade 2. She has taught Thai art for MS students and a Thai Culture class. She holds a Bachelor of Art degree from Ramkhamheang University. She received a teaching certificate from Sukhothaithummatiraj University and is a MOE certified teacher. She is married to Khun Suparat and has two children. In her free time, she likes to practice Dhamma and meditation with her family.




Jintana Ong-On, Thai

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
E-mail: jintana@ise.ac.th

Khun Jintana graduated from Thammasat University, Thailand and Fordham University, USA with a Master’s in Social Work. She has a Thai teaching degree from the Rajchapat Suandusit Institution and subsequently earned a Thai teaching degree from Sukhothaithummathiraj University. In 2001 she joined the ISE Thai program. Jintana is married to Khun Nikorn and has one daughter, Issaree. In her free time she enjoys her family, reading and traveling.




37-Cindy-KohoutekCindy Kohoutek, ES – Music & Marketing Director

Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
E-mail: ckohoutek@ise.ac.th

Cindy was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education with a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Development. She also holds a degree in business and has fifteen years of marketing experience. She has been teaching at ISE for eight years in both the secondary and elementary school. This year, Cindy will continue teaching elementary music as well as take part in developing the ISE Marketing Program. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys traveling with friends and family and golfing with her husband.




40-Meridee-MoffettMeridee Moffett, PK-12 Librarian

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah USA
E-mail: mmoffett@ise.ac.th

Meridee Moffett grew up in a small town in southeastern Idaho and attended Utah State University, where she got a BA in English and Education. She later received a Library Media degree from Southern Utah University. She spent the first years of her teaching career in a middle school language arts classroom. Meridee’s first international post was in Dubai, where she taught English in the high school, then had an opportunity to become the Librarian. Some of her hobbies include baking and reading – of course! She and her husband have 3 children and they are all excited for a new adventure in Thailand at ISE.




41-Nada-WernerNada Werner, PK-12 Learning Support

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
E-mail: nwerner@ise.ac.th

Nada Bowen Werner received her psychology degree from Salem College in 1998, as well as her teaching certification in Elementary Education. She also has certification in teaching children with learning disabilities. Nada brings 19 years of teaching experience in public schools in North Carolina, both in general education classes, as well as special education classes. She has worked in all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 12, as well as serving as Special Education Case Manager where she managed a large population of children with special needs. Nada is passionate about inclusive practices and helping to make sure a quality education is afforded to all students. She is joining the ISE staff along with her husband, Andrew, who will teach technology, and her sons, Will and                                            Bowen, who will be in grades 9 and 6. Nada loves to read, hanging out on the beach,                                            and spending time with her family.