Admissions Process

All applicants must complete the admission process as outlined below.

Step One

Submit the required ISE documents to the main ISE office.

Step Two

Set a date with the school secretary for entrance screening and an interview for the applicant with the admissions office.

Step Three

On the scheduled test date, it is essential to arrive on time. An interview with the parents will follow the entrance test. A decision on acceptance, grade placement and date to start classes will be made after completion of the admissions process.

Step Four

When a student is accepted, a place is offered in a specific grade level. The family should confirm acceptance.

Step Five

The accepted family will visit the ISE business office personnel regarding payment.

Step Six

The accepted family will visit the ISE bookstore for uniform and student supplies.

When to Apply

ISE accepts students throughout the year for all grade levels.


  1. Application for admission.
  2. Health form including immunization records.
  3. One confidential evaluation form from the current school. The forms can be found on our website under admissions forms.
  4. Official copy of academic records, transcripts, and standardized tests for the past two years. If the records are written in another language, an English translation must be provided.
  5. Copy of birth certificate.
  6. Passport for the student and parents showing their visa status.