EAL Program

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

All EAL students must have demonstrated an ability to function at grade level in a language other than English.

All students having a parent who is not a native English speaker must be evaluated for EAL services before a recommendation for admission is made.

Beginning EAL students are not eligible for enrollment in the ISE High School Program. EAL students applying for High School admission must demonstrate a minimum standard of English language proficiency on the entrance examination as determined by the EAL staff and the school administration. Students at more advanced levels may be admitted at any time if they can be accommodated in an existing EAL program.

Acceptance of EAL students will be conditional for the first semester. At the end of one semester the EAL staff will determine whether or not a student has demonstrated a reasonable rate of language progress and has the motivation necessary to acquire English proficiency. After this determination is made, the student will:

1. Be accepted for clear enrollment, or

2. Continue to be enrolled on a conditional basis.

If a student’s EAL progress is marginal over two semesters, it will be necessary to refer the student to the counselor for further evaluation, possibly resulting in a probationary enrollment status for the following semester. After the probationary period, a decision will be made by the administration, in collaboration with the teaching staff, concerning the student’s continued enrollment in the school.

First Grade students may be placed in the EAL program in the first or second semester upon teacher recommendation, if services are available.
There is an additional fee for enrollment in the EAL program.

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