Student-led Conferences

Student-led conferences reflect the belief that students should be actively involved in their learning and assume responsibility for the learning process.  Through student-led conferences, students become more motivated, reflective and evaluative. They also become more critical in their approach.


  • Increases parental involvement
  • All teachers are involved in the conference
  • High accountability
  • Greater learning atmosphere
  • Opportunity to see work in progress
  • Motivates all students
  • Encourages levels of independence and responsibility


Student-led Conferences:

  • Opens up communication between school and home
  • Practices real life-skills – communication, organization, leadership, etc.
  • Teaches self-evaluation, self-reflection skills
  • Focuses on learning
  • Goal setting process has buy-in by all involved
  • Provides quality time between parent and child
  • Accommodates parents who do not speak English
  • Students are the center of the conference


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