November 5


Whole School:


Family Fun Fair- November 17 - Next Saturday!!!  Come One Come All.



High School:


November 10 - 11 - Learn how you can study in the U.S. Open Link Here  This is a great opportunity to learn more about studying and living in the US.


Nov. 16 - 18 - Service @ ASB (accommodations to be announced)



Middle School:


The Middle School Innovation Lab will be running  5 booths for The Family Fun Fair on November 17th.  We are encouraging families and students to volunteer!



Elementary School:


Pre-K is having a Learning Gallery exhibit in the FAC from Nov. 5-30, 2018. This is about an Author Study the children did over a period of two months. All the community is welcome to visit and enjoy the interactive exhibit in how we build learning through inquiry-based inspired through the Reggio Emilia approach.





November 14 - Snack Shack

Rainbow rice ball and taro ball with sweet coconut cream and

 Rice with Barbecued red pork + Crispy pork + Chinese sausage and sauce

 1+2 set price

 HS, MS - 80THB

 ES, PreK - 60THB

 Only 1 - 20THB

 Only 2 - HS, MS - 60 THB/ ES, PreK - 40 THB



College Corner:


November 10-11 Study in the US.


Exciting News from Hawaii University!  If you are interested in studying in Hawaii.

University of Hawaii





Sr. Basketball Tryouts start next Week. Date TBD


Jr. Football starts next Tuesday with a training /practice game with Regents U13’s.




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Blast: November 12th


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