Vision Statement:


A caring international community dedicated to student success.

Mission Statement:


The mission of the International School Eastern Seaboard is to prepare international students for future success and lifelong learning by cultivating high-level thinking and effective communication skills and global responsibilities within a caring and supportive school community.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results:


Self-Directed Thinkers who:

Collect, evaluate and use information from varied sources

Demonstrate higher-order critical thinking skills

Apply learning to real-life situations

Have a willingness to self-correct


Empowered Lifelong Learners who:

Develop a growth mindset through persistence and mindfulness

Exhibit curiosity with an open mind to new experiences

Demonstrate willingness to plan and be responsible for learning

Balance social, emotional, and physical wellness


Effective Communicators who:

Express ideas creatively through various media

Use language effectively and compassionately

Listen and value others' opinions

Innovative incorporation of technological skills


Responsible Global Citizens who:

Foster and maintain respect within diverse cultural relationships

Understand and participate in local and global issues


Help secure the future through empathetic global stewardship

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