The Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA) was formed in 1998 and ISE joined in 2001. MRISA governs sports tournaments and cultural and leadership exchanges held between its member schools.

The six MRISA schools are:

  1. United Nations International School of Hanoi (Vietnam)
  2. Hanoi International School (Vietnam)
  3. Saigon South International School (Vietnam)
  4. International School of Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
  5. Vientiane International School (Laos)
  6. International School Eastern Seaboard (Thailand)

Six MRISA sports tournaments are held throughout each school year allowing MRISA Middle School and High School athletes to compete internationally in basketball, soccer and volleyball. These tournaments provide opportunities for students from different schools in our region to come together, play sport, and make new friends. Participants enjoy safe, organized, and competitive matches while developing friendships and improving their skills and appreciation of sport.

A MRISA Cultural Exchange takes place once a year and alternates between member schools. Each cultural exchange has a specific theme which provides the focus for the workshops and performances presented. The MRISA Leadership Summit brings together student leaders from the eight schools. The weekend is dedicated to developing leadership skills through workshops and a community service project. MRISA is sponsoring a Model United Nations program that is hosted in Hanoi. The assembly will have the students from the eight schools role play United Nations delegates while proposing and debating resolutions based on each year’s theme.

MRISA Events 2019-20:

EVENT HOST School Date
Season 1
SR. VB SSIS Oct 30 – Nov 3
JR. BB UNIS Oct 30 – Nov 3
Season 2
SR. BB VIS Feb 12-16
JR. FB ISE Feb 19-23
Season 3
SR. FB HIS April 22 – 26
JR. VB ISPP May 6 – 10
Arts Festival SSIS March 18-22