News and Events

News & Events

First tournament at Rugby School

The ISE Boys and Girls  had their first tournament on Saturday, 5 November, at Rugby School Thailand after two years without participation in any sport activity

Faculty In-Service Day

On Service Day, Nov 4th our teachers and staff were really busy during the day, They had two sessions of work. In the morning after

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Last Wednesday, Nov 2nd  our Pastor Stuart Ashford  offered to ISE teachers and staff a workshop  about Safeguarding and Child Protection. This workshop is the

Halloween at EASTPANA Hotel

ISE students were invited to EASTPANA hotel in Bowin to celebrate Halloween. Students brought their Halloween spirit to the hotel and enjoyed the refreshments offered

Basketball Tournament at Regents School

Last Saturday, October 29th, our grade 9 basketball team participated in an ESAC 3×3 tournament at Regents School. Nine other schools were involved, with 12

Khao Kheow Open Zoo Field Trip

Grade 1 and 2 students are exploring the habitats of plants and animals. We visited the Khao Kheow Zoo to see how the animals were