Parents Teacher Association

The International School Eastern Seaboard benefits greatly from the generosity and efforts of a supportive parent community, organized through the ISE PTA. PTA officers and pre-kindergarten/kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school parent volunteer coordinators serve the school on the PTA executive board for a one-year term, and provide invaluable assistance and support for students, teachers and the administrators at ISE.

The PTA as an organization is governed by a set of by-laws, goals and objectives developed over the past years by the Executive Board in collaboration with the school community.

Home-school communication is vital to the success of your child’s school experience. ISE endorses the concept of active parental involvement. Parents may serve as room parents, assisting the teachers in organizing class parties, as volunteers for classroom activities, helpers for field days and field trips, school-wide programs, activities, fund raisers, etc. The school attempts to formalize this involvement through the PTA and the establishment of a grade level coordinator at each elementary school grade level, as well as a middle school and a high school parent volunteer coordinator

Channels of Communication

The International School Eastern Seaboard recognizes the need for communication between and among students, parents, teachers, and the school administration.

Both parents and school personnel are concerned with communication between the school and parents. The school communicates with parents through the use of: school notices, student progress reports, scheduled conferences between school personnel and parents, the ISE website, newsletters, social media, elementary school “Friday folders”, telephone calls, blogs, open house and other school events.

To assist in achieving this objective, the following general procedures are recommended for all concerned parties:

  • When a problem concerns your child and his or her work in school, the most appropriate person for parents to see is the classroom teacher. An appointment to see a teacher may be made by calling the school office. Problems of a personal nature or questions about a student’s program, his or her overall potential and progress, may also be discussed with the school principal.
  • Problems that cannot be resolved through a conference with the teacher or principal and questions of a more general nature concerning the operation of the school, may be discussed with the school superintendent. Appointments may be made by calling the school office.
  • The superintendent is the executive officer of the school, and is responsible for the organization, operation and administration of the total school program. Questions about school policy should be directed to the superintendent.

Friday Folders and Teacher Blogs

To further strengthen communication, elementary students (Prek – grade 5) bring home a weekly Friday folder. This folder contains a weekly sampling of the student’s work, copies of communications from the school, and other relevant information. The Friday folder and classroom blogs also provide an opportunity for a weekly written dialogue between parents and teachers, as needed or desired.

Parent Messages

Parent messages may be delivered to students if they are received in the office by 12:00 noon for Pre-kindergarten, and by 2:00 p.m. for kindergarten through grade 12.