After School Activities (ASA) are offered after school (3:15-4:15) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for students in KG to Grade12. The purpose of having SDA is to provide another learning opportunity in a fun and safe environment, keeping the attention and interest of our students. Various activities in sports and wellness, music, art, technology, language, and social and environmental awareness are offered. These are taught by ISE teachers, teaching assistants and outside providers.

The ASA for the school year 2022-2023 will be posted here when we return from summer holidays.


Our music classes serve to increase student language skills, self-esteem, listening skills, social life, relieving stress, build confidence and improves memory.


Through a variety of class offerings, students are introduced to a wide range of media expiration while being encouraged to develop their own visual style.


Besides health benefits, sport gives children’s the many life lessons that can contribute to the professional and personal achievements in adult life.

Weekly Activities


Outdoor Play
This afterschool activity provides students the opportunity to develop their language, social, and motor skills. Students will try and play a variety of games and activities, while using different equipment like mats, hula hoops, balls, and others.
Nature Art
K – 1
Students will be making art from nature using leaves, sticks, stones, and many more. Nature Art is a creative way to make a new art object. The artwork can show nature and humanity’s relationship to nature. Nature Art was the way we originally made art.
Creating Theatre
2 – 5
Students will be encouraged to explore the art of storytelling. Creating worlds and characters through different scenrios in each class. We will be looking at various genre and traditions of theatre from across the globe to draw inspiration to tell our own storie
Minecraft Club
2 – 5
Minecraft is a world building game platform for students to learn the basics of programming through “crafting” materials and resources. Minecraft allows students to work collaboratively and creatively to build structures, go on adventures, create code, and develop must-have computer team skills
BasketballMs. Kelly PotisitMr. David Flemming
Sensory Play
This time will focus on providing activities that will engage the children’s senses, helping them develop language skills and motor skills, promoting self-discovery and encouraging the children to explore new textures, which in turn will support social and emotional development.
Thai Club
K – 1
To provide kids with skills in observation, exploration and activities about Thai Culture with interest, make them feel connected to the environments and community and to change the learning atmosphere to be diversified. Kids will have fun and happy to learn new things.
K – 5
Students will increase agility, strengthen bones and burn calories, as well as improve brain function and ability. Tennis will help students to make quick movements and use the entire body to help increase their fitness levels.
Robotics and Coding
2 – 5
Students will learn the basics of computer programming and apply it to design robots to complete various challenges. They will design, build and program LEGO WEDO and other robots
Arts and CraftIf you are interested in craft making and clothing design, you are welcome to join this course. here you will learn hand sewing, machine sewing, weaving, pattern cutting, and textile manipulating. All these skills will help you to create your clothes. class size: maximum 5 students. 


EAL Assistance & Enhancement
8 – 12
To provide kids with skills in observation, exploration and activities about Thai Culture with interest, make them feel connected to the environments and community and to change the learning atmosphere to be diversified. Kids will have fun and happy to learn new things.
Operation SmileMs Cardano
Thai Club
Participation in this club will provide children with fun activities to develop interest in Thai culture. The diversified learning atmosphere will engage students in observation and exploration to feel connected to the Thai environment and communities.
Fun with Media
K – 5
Students will choose a project they would like to focus on over the ten weeks, such as podcasts, stop-motion videos, documentaries, apps, or others. Students will write, create, direct, and edit their projects independently or in a group. Students will present their project at the end of the ten weeks.
2 – 5
Students will get better at handling a soccer ball and keeping up their physical health. Plus, students will learn essential life skills like teamwork, communicating with their teammates, and perseverance.
Advance ChessThe chess ASA will be only for advanced players in the second semester. Students will learn how to play with a clock, record their games, annotate them, and play against computer programs at a different levels. Students will also learn the general principles of chess openings and some tactical ideas for the middle game. The main objective is to raise the general level of chess at ISE.
BasketballMs Kelly PotisitMr David Flemming
Brain Power Memory Gym
Pre-K – 1
This activity is designed to excite and motivate young children in the classroom to attain the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in later life. They need opportunities to use their whole body to explore and aid their development of ideas, curiosity and imagination.
Outdoor Games
K – 1
Outdoor games and activities will give students the opportunity to learn and build a variety of skills in a safe, play-based manner. Each week, they will participate in activities that develop their motor skills, encourage cooperation, promote problem solving and communication, and enhance physical fitness and wellbeing. This is a great opportunity for them to engage in an activity that comes so naturally to young children: Play!
Beginner’s Chess
2 – 5
The ISE chess club aims to develop the students capacity to play and understand chess. The students will learn basic strategies with the focus on developing their abilities eventually compete in friendly matches.
MUNMr. Kirsch
UNICEFMs. Mandy 


2 – 5
Students will improve their concentration towards their learning, self-esteem, confidence, and discipline. Students will gain basic training using hand and feet movements, stance, jump and kicks in the Shaolin traditional forms.
Band JamBand jam is a fun hour of playing music with other people who like to play music. It will not be a music study hour. It is an on-the-spot practical experience of bringing a piece of music to life in the space of an hour. No matter your instrument, there will be a space for you to play and explore. We welcome a range of experience and abilities, as there will be an opportunity to play the percussion and sing as well as those with specific instrument skills.

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