First tournament at Rugby School

The ISE Boys and Girls  had their first tournament on Saturday, 5 November, at Rugby School Thailand after two years without participation in any sport activity out of the school.  .  It provided valuable experience for the boys as they developed personally and as a team, considering their next trip to Vietnam for MRISA  games  on Nov 17th […]

Faculty In-Service Day

On Service Day, Nov 4th our teachers and staff were really busy during the day, They had two sessions of work. In the morning after Mr Santos’ words about the EARCOS Conference (October 26th to 28th)  in Bangkok , Mrs Allison Donohue and Mrs Kelly Potisit  talked about their experience and introduced the topic of […]

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Last Wednesday, Nov 2nd  our Pastor Stuart Ashford  offered to ISE teachers and staff a workshop  about Safeguarding and Child Protection. This workshop is the first to inform, update  and involve  the community on this important topic.

Halloween at EASTPANA Hotel

ISE students were invited to EASTPANA hotel in Bowin to celebrate Halloween. Students brought their Halloween spirit to the hotel and enjoyed the refreshments offered by the staff. Later, students spent time with the rabbits that roamed the grounds at the hotel. It was a FANG-tastic Halloween!  

Khao Kheow Open Zoo Field Trip

Grade 1 and 2 students are exploring the habitats of plants and animals. We visited the Khao Kheow Zoo to see how the animals were living in their habitats. Students saw some animals, such as giraffes, and ostriches, living together in their habitat.  

PSAT G10 and G11

Grade 10 and 11 students took the PSAT on Wednesday, October 12th. The total duration of the test was about 3 hours. The PSAT is a great opportunity for students to practice a standardized test in a formal test-taking environment. There are four main sections on the test: Reading, Writing, and Language, Math with no […]

Memorial Ceremony UThai Sawan

ISE held a memorial ceremony in remembrance of the victims of the UThai Sawan tragedy on Wednesday, October 12th. The school community gathered together on the lawn for a moment of reflection, candle lighting, and a minute of silence to show their respect to the UThai Sawan community and Thailand

EAL Field Trip about Italian Culture

This past Monday the grade 3 class and the grade 4 and 5 EAL students went on a field trip to an Italian Restaurant in Jomtien (Frankie’s Inn). Grade 3 has been studying culture and the students looked into Italy and its customs with food. The grade 4 and 5 EAL students learned about pizza […]

Volleyball Clinics for HS players

On Saturday high school students are coming to the school to practice and improve their skills in this sport. Next month our team is traveling to Vietnam for the first MRISA after the pandemia. They are really excited about the trip.

G11 Language and Literature trip

Friday, 7th the IB English Language and Literature class visited Soap Opera Bangkok today to make perfume. The students ended their unit on the novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer so we embarked on our journey to create our very own scents! We learned about the rules of perfume making by exploring various smells […]